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war reporting for cowards
it has taken me a very long time to finish another reading-for-pleasure book. this time non-fiction if you can believe that! i first saw "war reporting for cowards" when c and i were in england a year ago, then when it came out here, c actually remembered that and got it for me for christmas (i wish i had such a good memory. i am a lousy wife.). it was an entertaining read--my slow pace shouldn't be taken as a mark against the book. BUT while i know it is easy to say this in the comfort of your own home, at this lovely spring-y time of year...i felt like i could have lasted a LOT longer than this guy as an embed. but don't quote me on that, and PLEASE don't make me put my money where my mouth is.

house hunting
so chris and i went to look at houses on long island this weekend, just to educate ourselves. let's just say that unless we want to live in a former crack house, we won't be buying anytime soon. yay rentals!

pet health insurance
i am officially one of those weirdo pet owners. but after baci ate half of our tv remote last week, getting her some sort of health insurance coverage seems to make sense. this way someone can help us pay for any major battery-metal-glass removing surgery she might someday need. which is definitely not outside the realm of possibility.

seasons greetings
and yet...i'm a little stressed. we have what can only be called a "mouse problem" in our apartment. at first we thought we only had one, so when we killed it is was like "he, we had a mouse." then we killed another. and then last night chris killed two in the span of an hour. and i saw another one when i was getting ready for the gym this morning. screaming heebie jeebies is the only way to describe how i feel when i think about it. c is reading our apartment people the riot act as i type, but i think i'm going to pick up some of these babies from the link above on the walk home tonight. i love animals and all, but not when they're mice living in my space.

time's persons of the year
couldn't have picked 'em better myself. finally, people who have done good, getting at least some of the recognition they deserve.

it's not often that there's this good of a day
before 9 a.m., but today is such a day. one of my books was on "good morning america" this morning, praised in this NY Times piece today, and is most likely also going to be on "cbs sunday morning" this, uh, sunday morning. if this happens i am a happy, happy girl.

fahrenheit 451
for work purposes, i read the book, which has been on my shelf untouched for about 6 years now. so another one down! heavyhanded? sure. sci-fi? oh yeah, baby. but a lot of what bradbury writes about is not such a far stretch from our world today. and as someone who works with books and loves, loves, loves them, it's a scary future indeed. never seen the film--which i believe changes the ending to be all warm and fuzzy--but you can read all about it at the link.

the parrots of brooklyn

this weekend
will be full of stuff--as usual--but i think the highlight for me and c is his birthday dinner at bayard's, the place where you may remember we danced and ate and drank post-wedding about 1.5 years ago. i have been gazing longingly at the menu this afternoon, mentally pre-ordering my dinner (don't tell me you don't sometimes do this). bigger problem: what to wear? don't think the long white dress will be appropriate this time around...

Marley & Me
I read this book in under 4 days--I laughed, I cried, I thought many, many times how similar this dog and my dog are. Recommended for sappy people who own dogs or love them to bits (or both).

big old ferry
that's what c and i and baci and our rental car will take saturday morning to cut down on driving time between my hometown and his granny's residence. i am ignoring my fear of drowning--i am sure this boat is nice and big and won't sink.

weddings are great
especially when they're your own, and you can milk the photos from the wedding to act as holiday gifts for your parents 2 years in a row. i should feel guilty i guess, but i don't. two of these albums have been purchased to give to the moms this christmas, filled with prints of pro wedding photos. it's about time, really. to do this next year would really have been unseemly. props to hp for inspiring me to get up off my butt and just do it.

the national book awards
last night was this big night for the book biz. the highlights for me were the speeches made by honorary-award recipients laurence ferlinghetti and norman mailer. i feel like they are both last-survivors of a dying breed of writer and thinker, who love language, books, writing, and would damn the torpedos to save all of the above. ferlinghetti i have to say moved the most, reading a poem he wrote after 9/11 about the arrogance of empire and the beauty of nature. it makes this line of work seem worthwhile, even if just for a night.

corporation for public broadcasting
tomlinson is going down. it's a good day for the real and actual "fair and balanced"-ness of media.

my husband would like to buy a house. i have mixed emotions about this. mostly i am stoked because it would be our place to paint, mess up, decorate, etc. to our heart's content. and we can play music as loud as we like. and the dog would love having a yard. but am i really ready to leave the city, let alone the five boroughs? to counteract this, i am requesting we look only at houses in towns that have a beach. i could get over not being in the city if there's a beach 5-10 minutes away. the link above is the current favorite. so cute!

and i would be very remiss not to mention
that my dear friends--and parents! and brother!--surprised me with drinks the night before our PR departure at the campbell apartment. one more nyc landmark crossed off the list, and i think a good time was had by all to boot. i know i certainly did.

a little serious non-fiction
what better book to read when sunning oneself than a true tale of the rwandan genocide of the mid-1990s? disturbing, but so glad i read it. it made me wish i had stuck to my guns and become a french-speaking journalist in africa after all. (but in some very selfish ways i'm really glad i didn't. see aforementioned enjoyment of nouveau bourgeois resort.)

turning 30 was a piece of cake
or perhaps a plastic cup of pina colada. darling c and i spent 5 days at this resort. i've never been to a resort before, and now i know why people like 'em so much. i am so tan, people! best birthday so far...

and then there was one less....
tomorrow i turn 30. in honor of that, please visit amy's site which chronicles her not-yet-30-ness. i will be on a beach in pueto rico by the late afternoon to celebrate thanks to super-awesome-husband-person's ability to give great gifts. wish me happy tanning, y'all!

apparently this isn't only what radio producers have been on with me all week. it's also a band. in the czech republic. who knew?

no mortgage deductions for you!
so c and i are at the point where married people start thinking about "next steps." should we have babies? move to the suburbs? invest in...something? our tax guy has told us for the last 2 years that we are getting hurt 'cause we don't have a mortgage and make "too much money." we need that mortgage deduction to make out like bandits come april 15. well, the bushies are working to do away with that mortgage least on homes costing over $300,000. which, last time i checked, is basically everything in the 5 boroughs bigger than a studio. while i don't mind renting--cause i'm REALLY not ready for the suburbs--it would be nice to have a yard. and a car. at the same time. hence, the search for a new apartment. long live craig's list!